2015 SEO Ranking Factors – What Gets Ranking Success

MOZ, a leading Internet Marketing/SEO site, has compiled their annual list of Top SEO Ranking factors for 2015.

The data was compiled through a survey of 120 Search Engine Optimization Experts who detailed and ranked the individual factors on a scale of importance, highest to least.

Through this data, Moz analysed and utilized their own collected data to create the new list of factors.

One of the most interesting and certainly up for debate factors is Google +1’s being noted as a top factor in ranking. This is interesting since Matt Cutts from Google himself stated in a recent interview that +1’s were not a significant ranking factor. Either the day to day SEO’s have misinterpreted the importance of +1’s or Google is smoke screening to prevent abuse.

To view the entire MOZ Report, you can find it HERE.

Page authority, unique content and quality over quantity of backlinks are still important, and should always been a large focus of a successful SEO campaign. Social Media signals, LIKE’s and engagement equally show up as top levels of importance.

With the new Hummingbird algorithm in place, new data and analytics will be available that could influence the factors and their individual levels of importance.

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