Keyword Ranking – Not the Most Important SEO Success Factor

It’s inevitable in this day and age that consumers will turn to search engines to search for services, shop or look up questions they need answers to. Using Google or Bing is how people find their needs, replacing immediate word of mouth and Yellow Page listings that did not give more than name or number among many different listings.

This is where SEOSearch Engine Optimization, allowed businesses and web sites who followed best practices to rise to the top above their competition and to the eyes of a paying public.

The focus of SEO has always been the “keyword”, or “key phrase”, a search term one puts in to find products, services and information. It was through keywords that a business would optimize and gauge success, based off where they ranked in search.

It is easy to see the importance of ranking well, as a few spots can mean hundreds or thousands of dollars in business, or complete anonymity. It’s also easy to see why an SEO or a business owner could become obsessive over rank.

It’s frustrating, but ranking changes and with new algorithms and now Hummingbird, what had you #2 can have you #30 or vice versa before you know what caused it.

Does that mean success starts and ends with keyword ranking success or failure?

It’s important to have a quality and effectively run SEO strategy in place using best practices to lay foundation for success. This allows Google to place you in the best position it deems fit for your site.

Other factors in place are your location due to search personalization, which delivers results based off your location, more focused if you’re logged into your Google account.

You also need to check your analytics to see where your traffic is coming from. Do you have a large number of visits and conversions, even if you’re not ranking well? Check to see where that traffic is coming from. Social media, including Facebook and Google+, Twitter posts, Citations could all be pieces you have well in place that feed traffic to your site that outweigh your keyword ranking success.

Ranking is still a big factor to have in your favor, but don’t obsess with your position while not focusing on other areas of Search Engine Optimization that actually paying off and delivering sales, conversions and/or traffic.