Three Internet and Social Media Trends

Social Media continues to move toward business integration.  Communication, coordination and collaboration are major keys with social media.  Social media presence is vital to a company’s survival and success.

Giants such as Google/Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Bing, and Yahoo continue to skyrocket in growth and popularity.

Three key social media trends that come to mind are:

  • Visual – Skype, video conferencing, pictured search results, phone cameras, videos, TV viewing, pictures, internet pictures.Visual content is King.The way that news and information is organized and distributed has gone visual and is getting bigger in popularity.  In today’s world people do not get the opportunity to read long documents resulting in the move to visual means.  It really is on the rise.  After a hard day at work, getting home to view visual material and content is rewarding.  People love to create, share pictures and video.  It also provides stress relief and keeps you in a good frame of mine.
  • Smartphones, iPads, Tablets, Notebooks – These items provide ease of sharing information. An estimated 139 million people now own a Smartphone.  Web Applications, business internet, education, internet shopping, internet sharing continues to increase in popularity and text messaging.  How many times have someone shared photos, business information, movies and in general keep in touch with these communication resources.
  • Ever growing entertainment channels – Television, reality programs, variety of music, all sports, computers, internet and cell phones.People are turning to the internet to receive their daily news, current events, education, entertainment, shopping, share with others, keep in touch with friends, family, businesses, work.

Companies need to embrace the awesome power of social media and be aware of how it applies to their business needs to have that competitive edge.  We want to capture and engage the audience at all times.  Most companies use customer surveys as a great tool to measure business success.

People want to stay connected, involved in current events, celebrities, sports, family and friends, business, education, just to name a few.  While reading and viewing messages and video, people through social media enjoy providing feedback expressing their views, opinions, suggestions, recommendations and thoughts.

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