Three Tips For Local SEO Success – Part 1

3 Tips For Local SEO Success

Some of the best short and long term business growth will come from refining your SEO strategy periodically.  You will get rewards from paid promotions, advertising and marketing do have their rewards as we know.  These strategies need to be kept up which of course cost money.

A well-organized and successful local search engine strategy takes focus planning, systematic implementation and long term dedication.  If you perm the right methods of optimization by following procedures, you will see significant difference in your search engine rankings in a few weeks.

Research Keywords

This is a good one.  Assuming you’ve already established the niche for your small business.  By having this already worked out makes keyword hunting a bit easier since you already have an idea of who your main audience is.  You need to find out how many searches there are for these keywords and the competition you’re dealing with for the same words.  You can use free services to assist you with this step.  If you want further means, you can opt into paid services that will grant you access to even more word research options.

This keyword research is important because these words have to be all throughout your content for future optimization steps.

Choose an SEO Friendly Website Design

The type of code you decide to use, its organization and what it contains are important features of long-term SEO.  One rule is for optimization friendly design is you need to insure you build a site that is easy to read to the search engine indexing bots that crawl the web.

This means your site should not have too much flash especially for the demonstration of important content.  Quality content is the meat of what you want your viewers (customers) to focus on with your product.  Be careful not to use Flash as your site page navigation interface.

Once you’ve built your website, don’t forget to focus on the details on-page optimization.  These things include making sure that you have text-based HTML attributes to all videos, flash elements and images on your site.

Create Quality Content and Build Links

You’ve researched your niche keywords and created a great optimized website layout and you’ve got pages of SEO friendly URLs to fill.  This means you are now prepared for the most important part of long term, high quality SEO.  This is content.

By content, we mean quality content.  Update your site regularly with informative, useful and relevant to your target audience.  You need to create content that engages site visitors, making them likely to not only visit your website themselves but to share with others they know that have the same interests.

When this is applied consistently, it will bring you a reputation for expertise and trustworthiness that will attract the attention of not only more readers but also other sites with interests that are related to your own.  Your site visitors may share your page(s) through their social media accounts while other site owners will link to your content on their own from their own high quality sites.

These two trends are your best sources for organic link building, making you look popular in the eyes if Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Being focused on your company’s SEO strategic planning is an integral aspect of growing your small business.  By putting in the necessary and required time and energy into improving your SEO, will promote better growth opportunities and will insure your site and business is successful.