Ways Google Hummingbird Changes SEO

In late August, Google announced a new search algorithm called Hummingbird.

Google Hummingbird is not only an update, but a new manner in which the search engine will process a query. The new algorithm update will redefine how organic SEO companies and experts will view their practices.

What is new in Google Hummingbird?

Google will attempt to understand the intent of the query typed to produce more specific results. The search engine now will focus more on individual intent as opposed to individual words or search terms. The Hummingbird algorithm, which is semantic based, pays more attention to every word in the query and tries to ensure that the whole meaning and intent of the conversation is taken into account. The results that are then obtained because the pages match with the meaning or intent of the query.
One of the reasons why this algorithm will work is because it is seeking to be in tandem with the way queries are now posted.

Based on Hummingbird’s influence on SEO best practices should focus more on the following:

  • Queries, needs and problems posed. Focus on delivering the answer and provide solutions.
  • To identify the intent of the user, engaging with them on social media platforms will provide valuable clues.
  • Understand the idea behind the new Google algorithm and align themselves with new process of handling queries and searches.

Google mentions that SEO experts and companies need to be mindful of a few things, such as: high quality content that is shareable, link-able, engaging and original have nothing to be concerned about. The very basic signals that were important in the past continue to retain their importance.
In brief, based on the manner in which Google will now handle queries and data, organic SEO experts and companies will need to focus more on the intent and less on the keyword.